Signs You Need Your Brakes Replaced

Signs You Need Your Brakes ReplacedStaying up to date with maintenance is important for keeping your wheels rolling. It’s equally important to know the signs of when your vehicle needs attention just in case you have performance issues in between maintenance schedules.

Do you know how to identify the signs you need your brakes replaced? Jaguar New Orleans is here to explain it for our drivers in New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana.

Read on to learn the signs and whether you need an inspection. If you’re ready for brake service, get in touch with us to schedule your service appointment!

How Can You Tell Your Brakes Need Service?

Brakes Need ServiceYour brakes are one of the most important systems in your vehicle. When you start moving, it’s critical that you be able to come to a stop.

You can watch for a few different signs that your brakes are ready to be replaced and serviced. When you hit the brakes, listen for a grinding, squealing, or squeaking sound. You may also smell something burning.

Feeling like your pedal is spongy or resistant, or noticing that it takes longer to stop, are also signs that your system needs attention.

Your vehicle may warn you with dashboard notification lights. These can look a few different ways, so consult your vehicle’s dashboard light guide to make sure you can recognize the lights that indicate a problem with the brakes.

What Is Brake Repair Service?

When you bring your vehicle in for brake services, we’ll make a full inspection of your braking system.

We’ll inspect your brake pads and replace them if necessary. We’ll also inspect your brake fluid lines and make sure the fluid is in good condition and that there are no air bubbles in the line. We may also replace parts like the rotor to make sure everything in your vehicle is healthy and safe to use.

Brake service usually takes between 45 minutes to two hours. Feel free to ask us for more details when you arrive.

Visit Our Service Center for Brake Replacement

Service Center for Brake ReplacementWhether you’re experiencing less-than-ideal performance on the road or it’s time for your scheduled brake inspection, our service center is here to help.

Our techs are expertly trained in the details of your vehicle and know exactly how to handle repairs and maintenance. We can also guarantee that any parts replaced will be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This means you’ll get a perfect, lasting fit.

When you visit our service center, we want it to be an easy, convenient experience. Ask about our courtesy loaner vehicles, so you can run those important errands while your car is being worked on. Shop our accessories while you’re here and you might find some great upgrades for your ride.

We pride ourselves on convenience, which is why we recommend our online scheduler. You can make your appointment without even picking up the phone.

Drive Safely With Brake Replacement Service

There’s nothing more important than having a vehicle that performs to all your expectations. Keeping your brakes healthy is safe for both you and your fellow drivers.

If you notice signs that you need your brakes replaced, come visit Jaguar New Orleans. We’re here to keep our drivers in New Orleans and Metairie, LA, driving safely and happily.

Reach out to us or hop online to schedule your service appointment today!



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