Buy vs Lease

New Orleans and Metairie drivers are hunting for their next new Jaguar-and the most convenient way to get behind the wheel. That’s where the buy vs. lease debate comes into play, and it fuels passionate arguments on both sides. At Jaguar New Orleans, we want to help you break through the noise.

In this article, we’ll lay out the advantages of buying and leasing for you. Explore both opportunities and then decide which one seems more attuned to your lifestyle! Reach out to us if you want to learn more.

The Benefits of Buying a Jaguar

Are you looking for the savviest deal over the long term? If so, buying may make the most sense for you. Most shoppers pay less over the long term when they buy-provided they’re committed to keeping the car in question for a good long while. The longer you drive your vehicle, the less it costs.

You’ll also have the flexibility to sell it at any time. You won’t be locked into a fixed ownership period as you would with a lease. Plus, as you build equity in your car over time, you’ll stand to gain more of that back when you sell.

When you’re the owner, you can do what you like with the vehicle. There are no restrictions on mileage or appearance-add the accessories you want and drive it as much as you like!  

The Benefits of Leasing a Jaguar

For many shoppers, leasing a car is a better lifestyle fit. Businesses often benefit from tax breaks when they lease cars, and individuals tend to like that usually a minimal (if any) down payment is required.

Monthly payments are typically lower for those who lease vs. those who finance. The reason for this is simple: Lessees aren’t responsible for the full cost of the car, just the depreciation that occurs during the lease period. This value is pre-calculated and forms the basis for your lease payments.

Leased cars are usually covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for the full lease period. That’s quite the convenience for you since it generally means fewer unexpected repair bills. When you lease, you can also upgrade to newer, more fully equipped vehicles every few years and enjoy the most modern features!

Buying vs Leasing: Explore Both

Buying and leasing both present opportunities for interested car shoppers. If you’d like to explore either (or both!) of these options in more depth, visit our finance center. We’ll help you examine our auto loan and Jaguar lease deals and help you decide which path better aligns with your lifestyle.

After you’ve test driven some cars and selected your favorite, we can find financing that meets your needs. Our team can assist as you plan out your payments. We’ll work diligently to obtain the lowest possible monthly payments for you as well as the terms you’re looking for.

Feel free to visit our finance center to get started. You can even fill out our credit application and save yourself some time at our dealership that serves New Orleans and Metairie!

Buy vs Lease: Decide for Yourself

We hope you found this guide helpful as you decide whether to buy or lease. Our team is always here to help you explore the benefits of each. Make an appointment at the Jaguar New Orleans Finance Center, and we’ll be happy to meet with you one on one for the personalized attention you deserve. We look forward to seeing you!