How to Check Brake Fluid

How to Check Brake Fluid

Safety is always a top priority when you’re out on the roads of New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana, and your brakes are your first line of defense. There are many different parts that go into your hydraulic brake system, including your line of brake fluid. You can perform simple work to make sure your brake fluid is ready for your next drive, and we’ll teach you how.

In our handy how to check brake fluid guide, we will walk you through the steps that go into this important service. Once you learn how to perform this yourself, you can start taking better care of your vehicle for the many years and miles ahead. The Jaguar New Orleans service team is here for you for both DIY work and certified repairs- let’s get started!

Brake Fluid

What Is Brake Fluid?

There are many different parts that work together within your brake system. Brake fluid is an important intermediary in the process. In short, it’s what connects your brake pedal to the parts that slow your tires’ rotation.

When you press down on the brake pedal, that force and energy is transferred into a line of highly pressurized liquid called brake fluid. The energy then flows through the line of fluid and applies pressure to the brake calipers, which then depresses the brake pads onto your tires.

As you can see, brake fluid is vital to your car’s successful operation at stop signs, red lights, and more. If there’s ever an issue with your brakes, you will feel it quickly and should address it as soon as possible. Now we’ll go into the steps of brake fluid maintenance.

Step-by-Step Brake Fluid Check

If you suspect your vehicle may have an issue with its brake fluid, park your car on a flat surface, let it cool off, and have your owner’s manual handy. Once you do, it’s time to pop the hood and get to work!

  • Find the brake fluid reservoir, located near the master cylinder (the owner’s manual will help here).
  • The reservoir should have a translucent tube with a clearly marked line. Markings will typically show maximum/minimum or full/low.
  • If low, you’ll need to refill your brake fluid. Simply unscrew the top, add to the fill line, and replace the cap.

If you end up needing to fill up your brake fluid, there’s still more to do. Once you finish up, you’ll want to contact our service center to schedule brake service right away.

Brake Service

Expert Brake Service

A low brake fluid level is typically a sign of a leak or other concern. These involved repairs are best left to our team of certified technicians. They will find the cause of your vehicle’s brake fluid issue and get to work with an expert repair plan. We can also take a look at your rotors and calipers for alignment and see if it’s time for a new set of brake pads.

Check Your Brake Fluid Today

Once you use what you’ve learned about checking brake fluid, you’ll be even more confident as you drive into New Orleans and Metairie, LA. Contact us at Jaguar New Orleans to schedule your routine maintenance today!

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