How Long Do Tires Last?

How Long Do Tires Last?


You have many great adventures to take in the future, from local cruising to exploring the wide-open highways. When your vehicle is in prime condition and ready to go, you’ll enjoy your trips around New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana, even more. Of the many components of your car, the tires are an important part of your safety. We’re here to help you learn more about them.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How long do tires last?” our team of professionals is here to assist you. You’ll learn about the lifespan of tires and how to keep that grip and performance going well into the future. The service team at Jaguar New Orleans is prepared to get your vehicle in great condition, with tires made to last. Read on to learn more!

About Tire Durability

Most passenger vehicles use all-season tires for solid performance year round. A full set of these tires can stay on your car for extended periods and still provide an excellent grip on the road. While driving does wear them down, the process is gradual.

The average driver will travel between 12,000 and 15,000 miles in a year. When you factor this into the typical mileage of a tire, you can get a good idea of when it’s time to replace it. Common all-season tires last for about 60,000 miles, which translates to about four to five years for the average driver. This is a good baseline for car owners to keep in mind.

As you’d expect, putting less mileage on your vehicle means your tires can last longer. Once you hit the 10-year mark—or whenever the tires’ warranty ends—it’s time to replace them, regardless of tread levels. Likewise, if you put more miles on your vehicle than the average driver, you’ll need new tires sooner.

How Can I Tell if I Need New Tires?

The classic method of testing for tire health is the penny test. It’s a simple test to perform—the only tool you need is already in your pocket.

The penny test checks tire tread depth—the deeper the tread, the safer your drive. As you drive, the tires will start to lose tread, eventually becoming smooth or bald and offering less grip. The penny test is a quick way to see if it’s time to replace the tires.

Take a penny and place the top of Lincoln’s head into the tire tread, pressing down. If the tread of the tire covers any part of Honest Abe’s head, your tires are good to go. If his head is entirely uncovered, however, that means the tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch and it’s time to get new tires for safer driving.

Improving Tire Longevity

Along with regular tire rotations twice a year, you can form good habits that help you improve the tires’ overall lifespan. Practice smooth braking to lessen the stress on the tires when slowing and stopping. Similarly, accelerate at a steady pace to reduce wheelspin and get up to speed optimally.

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Before your next trip through New Orleans and Metairie, LA, make sure your vehicle’s tires are up to par for the rigors of the road. Contact our service team at Jaguar New Orleans to schedule your visit and get the tire service you need today.


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